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Auxiliary Equipment

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Jin Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd 

Jin Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading blow molding factory in Taiwan. Our modern facility is equipped with a series of sophisticated blow molding machines from several different countries. We have seriously recognized that chilling and cooling equipment are important ancillaries to plastic machinery. Therefore, over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to the research and development of high performance cooling systems. Currently, our cooling system department has many highly skilled staff with over ten years of experience.

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Jaunty-Fabricator Ent. Ind. Co. Ltd  

Jaunty-Fabricator was established in 1999. At first, the company underwent severe growing pains. From this initial struggle, Jaunty-Fabricator understands the difficulties in building a new company. The company relied on its experienced and hard-working staff to outgrow the initial problems, and has now developed into one of Taiwan's most competitive leaders in the production of Cabinet Racks and IPC products. Jaunty-Fabricator draws its strengths from its beginnings. The struggle the company faced to become a leader has instilled a hard-working, disciplined corporate environment. This allows the company to continuously develop new products with innovation and the latest technologies. The company exploits its resources and support team to create a presence in the IPC market.

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