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T Shirt Bag Making Machine

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JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd  

JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading Plastic machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 1991, JANDI’S has been manufacturing Plastic film inflation machine, 2 & 3-layer Co-extrusion film inflation machines, Plastic recycling machines, Bag making machines, Printing machines and exporting to over 80 countries in the world. JANDI’S continues to expand its markets with high quality and excellent after-sale service. And, JANDI’S reputation is highly confirmed by worldwide customers.

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Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. is established since 1988, one of the most experienced leader of Taiwanese machine manufacture, has the most experience in supplying whole plant plastic bags making equipment. Our product range includes blown film machine, bags making machine, flexographic printing machine, plastic waste recycle machine and twin screw compounding machine.

Product Links : Bag Making Machine, Twin Screw Extruder, Flexographic Printing Presses

Taiwan Speedyplas Machinery Co., Ltd. 

SPEEDYPLAS is a high qualified plastic bag making machine manufacturer that specializes in making all kinds of sealing & cutting machine for plastic industry. We emphasis on research and development and we look for customer needs and better way to improve our machine. SPEEDYPLAS insists on the principle "Technology Leading, Quality First and Customer Uppermost". We not only provide high-quality products for our customers, but provide complete technical information, Original Design and Equipment Manufacturing services and excellent after-sale service also, in order to blend the products promotion with technical service successfully and create good economic profits for our customers.

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