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Huarong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Huarong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, based in Taiwan, is well-known for manufacturing safe, durable, suitable and pleasant thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic injection molding machine for the past 20 years, investing lots of resource in extreme precise injection molding machine research and development. With professional technical personnel and precise imported machine tools such for boring, milling, CNC, lathing, heat treatment etc., Huarong has worldwide our brand in Taiwan and overseas for safe, durable, suitable, pleasant injection molding machine, earning valued trust from customers. With complete sales marketing and after-sale service, Huarong appreciate a lot for all comments and advise from customers, which is the main power pushing Huarong forward on and on.

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With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molding machines, Hwa Chin has maintained its position as a leader in Taiwan through innovation, quality and technology. Since the company's establishment, Hwa Chin has been dedicated to the pursuit of technological leadership. This drive has produced a remarkable number of innovations and Hwa Chin plastic injection molding machine integrate many fine and patented features. Hwa Chin Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has steadily grown in both size and stature from its original small factory. This is the result of the combined efforts of the Hwa Chin personnel who have contributed their skills, talents and abilities to make the company successful. To all of those Hwa Chin people, both past and present, we are truly grateful. In addition, we wish to acknowledge our appreciationto the government and the general public for the support and confidence we have received. Based on the ideal of 'Give and Get', Hwa Chin continually plays an active rol

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