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JIUH KANG Enterprise Co., Ltd (referred to Jiuh Kang hereafter) established at the beginning of 1983, initially engages in manufacturing and exporting business of screw, barrel and other components. Later, began to focus on manufacturing R&D Screws for Extruder and actively develops the Southeast Asian market. As the quality of plastic and rubber products had a great improvement; materials diversification; production processes integration; and the ability of R&D enhancement, resulting Jiuh Kang transformed from pure (OEM) to design and manufacturing (ODM). Prospectively, Jiuh Kang will continue to develop technology for the design and manufacturing of screw and offer comprehensive products and services. Furthermore, to maintain good customer relationship and cooperation also create higher operating performance.

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. is established since 1988, one of the most experienced leader of Taiwanese machine manufacture, has the most experience in supplying whole plant plastic bags making equipment. Our product range includes blown film machine, bags making machine, flexographic printing machine, plastic waste recycle machine and twin screw compounding machine.

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Yea Jing Machinery Co., Ltd  

Yea Jing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established since 1989 as the professional Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturer, focus on manufacturing and R&D in Extruder, Shredder, Pelletizer for the plastics recycling and have sold lots of machines to all over the world, we are very proud for the best quality and most competitive prices of every Yea Jing's machine. From understand what the customer needs, machines R&D, strictest quality control and professional after sales service, every process there are experts to handle and provide the excellent and efficiency technical service, with more than 26 year's experience we have made all the customers satisfied, therefore no matter now or in future, we need to work more harder to maintain our glory. Why YEA JING MACHINERY? Built to withstand the harshest operating environments. Highly effective degassing and melt filtration systems. Superior performance at an affordable price. Partnering to ensure your success.

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Actuatec Corporation 

Actuatec was founded by Ho-San, Huang in 1970. He started his own business by setting up a small factory in San-Chung and hired the first 3 employees. Over the years, Actuatec has continued to invest in cutting-edge equipment and the engineering experts as our valuable assets. From the beginning, Actuatec has insisted on superior quality and innovative technology, we attribute our continuous growth to this philosophy as well as our professional employees.

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Koung Chin Co.,Ltd 

Taiwan Koung Chin Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a company specializing in researching and producing pneumatic hydraulic and relative products. The products include cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, boosting cyliner, stopper cylinder, air slide table, and other relative parts. We have extra years experience in air-oil converter boosting device of air-oil transformation. And we make our products multivariate, long lived, with high degree of accuracy, high-forced, small-volumed, oil-tight, and so on, to stand out in our profession and later take a leading position so that we are welcomed and trusted by the market. -Keep on research and innovation hold leading postion forever. -Brand means creadit, creadit is invaluable. -Best quality, best service. -Research, production, selling and service is all in one.

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In Taiwan , ZENIX has the first manufactured and is recognized leader in the supply of CO-ROTATING TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER. The ZPT-HT series is a newly excellent and compact design of the 5 th ZPT generation with the important CHARACTERISTICS: *Robust duo-gearbox with high torque. *Top quality Dc drive- stable & reliable. *Optimized modular system of barrels and screw segments. * Wear and corrosion protection according to the process task. *Intensive cooling & cartridge heating inside the barrels. *Excellent productivity at competive prices

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Matila Industrial Co.,Ltd is established since 1988 , has more experience in supplying whole plant plastic bags making equipment.Our product range includes blown film machine , bags making machine , flexographic printing machine and plastic waste recycle machine. In 1999 , Matila built up the own production factory to produce the blown film machine and recycle machine by ourselves , in order to expand our sales and increase the competitive ability. With our many years experience in selling and the most effort on researching of technology, we have been successfully developing and producing 25 ~ 120 mm HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE blown film machine.Two color ( strip line ) /Double layer Co-extrusion line for double layer industrial stretch wrapping film in 2003. The bags making machine and flexographic printing machine that we provided to customers for making full line production is from our cooperated manufacturer.All the above machine are from reliable manufacturer, and the guarantee are respond by Matila. Our machinery is exported to more than 40 countries , such as Poland , Mexico , Russia ,Ecuador , Lithuania , Latvia , Romania , Greece , Turkey , Lebanon , Saudi Arabia , United Arabia Emirate , Egypt , Argola , Congo , Kenya , Tanzania , Tunisia , Algeria , The number of country is still increasing.

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