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Yea Jing Machinery Co., Ltd. is now renowned worldwide with its complete extruding lines such as plastic recycling machine, extruding machine, twin screw extruder, pellet lines, and pelletizing equipment. Combining continual research in manufacturing a series of plastic extruding machine that performs cutting-edge technologies and greater productivity, Yea Jing will continuously strive for higher technological level of extruders and pelletizers with the commitment of service.

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Suitable for industries below : plastic recycling industry, rubber recycling industry, IC tray recycling industry, electronic product recycling industry, chemical industry, medical industry, cosmetics industry and so on. SINCHUNG(Jachen) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling equipments & waste management, including plastic granulators, grinders, grinding machines, crushing machines, crushers, shredders, shredding machines, pulverizers, mixing machines, mixers, blenders, ribbon blenders, vibrating machines, auto loader, auto conveying machine, vacuum autoloaders, vacuum auto loading machines, proportional controllers, automatic gauger machines, conveyors, blowers, cyclones, chillers, dryers,plastic recycling equipments, plastic recycle machines, bottles unscramble machines, de-powder machines and etc.

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JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd  

JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading Plastic machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 1991, JANDI’S has been manufacturing Plastic film inflation machine, 2 & 3-layer Co-extrusion film inflation machines, Plastic recycling machines, Bag making machines, Printing machines and exporting to over 80 countries in the world. JANDI’S continues to expand its markets with high quality and excellent after-sale service. And, JANDI’S reputation is highly confirmed by worldwide customers.

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Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Matila Industrial Co., Ltd. is established since 1988, one of the most experienced leader of Taiwanese machine manufacture, has the most experience in supplying whole plant plastic bags making equipment. Our product range includes blown film machine, bags making machine, flexographic printing machine, plastic waste recycle machine and twin screw compounding machine.

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Yea Jing Machinery Co., Ltd  

Yea Jing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established since 1989 as the professional Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturer, focus on manufacturing and R&D in Extruder, Shredder, Pelletizer for the plastics recycling and have sold lots of machines to all over the world, we are very proud for the best quality and most competitive prices of every Yea Jing's machine. From understand what the customer needs, machines R&D, strictest quality control and professional after sales service, every process there are experts to handle and provide the excellent and efficiency technical service, with more than 26 year's experience we have made all the customers satisfied, therefore no matter now or in future, we need to work more harder to maintain our glory. Why YEA JING MACHINERY? Built to withstand the harshest operating environments. Highly effective degassing and melt filtration systems. Superior performance at an affordable price. Partnering to ensure your success.

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Pulian International Enterprise CO.,Ltd.  

Recycling wasted resources and turns it into higher value is always been the world trend in this century. Among Pulian’s whole series of products, we design all series of recycling equipment, includes PET bottle recycling, PP/PE film recycling, EPS Styrofoam recycling, food waste recycling, water tank cleaning, spin dryer, wasted cable and wire recycling, wasted battery recycling, confidential and disc granulator, PCB board recycling, etc. We recycle back the material to achieve sustainable development.

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